Scene 4
The design and construction of Spear Winery has been approached with sensitivity and appreciation that has been the priority of the entire project since its inception. The intent was always born out of restoration and respect for the past with a spirit of creative renaissance. Scene 3
Scene 2 Using a historic barn erected in 1930 last utilized to store oyster shells, Ofer Shepher and his architect team designed a structure that would maintain the original footprint and roof line of the original building. A subterranean barrel room was then excavated to take advantage of the natural cooling of being underground.
The upper level of the winery will maintain the height of the barn, with an open tasting room environment looking over the stunning landscape of the appellation. Recovered siding will ultimately be the final touch on the exterior, essentially bringing the original back to life to for countless generations in the future. In collaboration with Greg Brewer, the simple winery lay out relies solely upon gravity for processing and is centered around raising all of our small, singular blocks independently. Through that upbringing of wine we will be able to better understand the specificities of our landscape in order to fine tune our farming efforts. We are steadfastly committed to this approach with the ultimate goal of transmitting our estate as clearly as possible.
Check in next month to see our progress!
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